The Quest for Impact, Not Productivity

There once was a young man named Brabu, who discovered at a young age he had a superpower: he could make things move just by waving his hands.  Brabu found delight in this at first, making sticks and leaves float in the air, playing wildly in the forests and ocean, the world was his playground.  […]

The Fear of Putting Our Work Out There

One of the most common fears of anyone who is creating something, whether it’s online content or art or a new business or startup … is the fear of putting our work out there in the world. It’s a fear that has us procrastinating, researching endlessly, checking social media, answering emails, buying books on the […]

The High Bar of Expectations Can Crush Our Creativity

I have clients who really set high standards for themselves: they want to write amazing blog posts, create inspiring music, profound works of art, a thriving business that reaches hundreds of thousands of people. These are beautiful aspirations, and I love what we are aiming for. It’s amazing! And yet, if you are setting out […]