Kilifi Beneath the Baobabs Festival

The story of Beneath the Baobabs began seven years ago when the Distant Relatives Ecolodge and Backpackers crew produced their first small electronic music party known as ‘Kilifi New Year Festival’ on a Beach Volleyball court. The event soon grew to become a multi day festival, offering a diverse line-up and ever evolving creative production each year.

The festival exploded in popularity and outgrew its original location on the Kilifi Creek. The team, vision and dreams also expanded and a new home was found in an ancient Baobab forest plateau at the source of the Takaungu Creek. Beneath the Baobabs was born – a destination event space run by seasoned dreamers, artists and producers and also the newfound home for Beneath the Baobabs Festival (formerly known as Kilifi New Year).

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